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We Are VB-Controls

Get to Know VB-Controls

VB-Controls is a woman-owned, small business, providing quality design and manufacturing.  This includes custom proprietary engineering, UL or CE engineering services, proprietary solid state relay product design, and manufacturing cell development using small scale, fast turn around, pick and place systems and reflow soldering cells. We are a United States based business that provides turn-key development of client defined and owned products.

Our scope includes:

  • Custom Proprietary Engineering

    • electronic circuit design in FR4, metalized ceramic

    •  embedded software development

    • metal preform and cooling solution design

    • purchasing, prototyping, validation testing

    • agency approval facilitation

    • test equipment development

    • initial production and client training.

  • Custom, proprietary contract manufacturing

    • For customers who do not want to take over manufacturing of the finished design

A product design project is NRE based and does not rely on any production profit. The client completely owns the product, royalty free and we will help gear up the client's manufacturing or their manufacturer of choice. For high speed product design, from Concept to Production, choose VB Controls.

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